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TransKorea    [Video] More than a Friend 최고의 친구 (4/4)

■ Before You Listen & Watch

           지난 3회에 걸쳐 CCI란 단체에서 어떻게 장애인과
     이들을 도와주려는 견공들을 훈련시키고 짝을 지워
     주는지 봤습니다. Let's see what kind of partners they
     make in real life situations.

More than a Friend (4/4)

It's been more than a month since graduation, more than enough time for Lacey and Ruhl to form a close bond.

Ruhl has from the very beginning been very attentive and very gentle with Lacey.

What did you have to learn to teach Ruhl to do for you?  

Pick up stuff... and tug things and pull drawers and stuff like that.

But right from the start, Ruhl went beyond the call of duty.

He basically doesn't get off the bottom of her bed until she wakes up in the morning.

Why do you think that he feels like he needs to sleep at the foot of your bed?

Because he knows he has to protect me and stuff.

Do you like that feeling? That there's someone there to protect you?  


Meantime, EC grabs every chance to show off his skills that make Joy Hastick's life a little easier.

You said before canine companion, you felt as though this was your prison, that you ended up hating your house.
Do you feel differently about it now?

Definitely, because he makes things, this is going to sound silly, but I love doing the laundry now.
I have a good time doing things with him because he's still that pup.
He's still that playful.

Their next project is to teach EC to retrieve the phone if Joy falls.
Not only does having EC at her side make a difference at home, Joy says he also gives her the courage to brave the outside world.

All of a sudden I'm not this poor lady in a wheelchair anymore.
I'm this lady with a dog.
And he makes me so proud.

Four wheels and four legs on a mission to make everyday life once again seem possible.