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TransKorea    [Video] Office Romance 사내 연애 (2/3)

■ Before You Listen & Watch

       지난 시간에 이어 왜 개방적인 미국 사회에서
   사내 커플들이 조심할 수밖에 없는지를 알아보죠.

Office Romance (2/3)

And so office mates tend to look at each other differently these days.
But is it possible to legislate the libido at work?
And if it is possible, should it be done?
Should the fact that you work together stand in the way of perhaps making a connection with the love of your life?

The reality is, that for every one of these relationships that goes right, they have nine that do not work out well.

Gary Matheison is an attorney at Litler-Menderson, the nation's largest employment law firm.

Only one in ten works?  

I think that's probably a fair assumption.
You have the potential that those other nine relationships, every single one of them is fraught with danger.

Fraught with danger for companies, when there're huge lawsuits that, on occasion, fill the gap when the co-workers realize that it isn't the love of their lives after all.
But what are we supposed to do about basic instincts?

In offices and companies, people are naturally attracted to each other.

Evolutionary psychologist Davis Buss has spent years studying mating.

Two of the fundamental laws of attraction are proximity and similarity.
We're attracted to people who we spend lot of time with, and we're attracted to people who share our interest.

And where else do we spend so much time and share so many interests?