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TransKorea    [Video] Office Romance 사내 연애 (3/3)

■ Before You Listen & Watch

         미국이 소송이 난무하는 나라라는 것은 잘 알고
   있지만 사내 로맨스도 법정까지 가는 경우가 많다고
   하는군요. Let's find out how innocent office relationships
   can end up in courts.

Office Romance (3/3)

According to Buss's research, there's one type of attraction that is extremely intuitive, and potentially, most problematic.

The most damaging aspect of office romance, is this attraction that young women have for men who are older and in positions of power and status.
Similarly, older men, who are in positions of power and status are attracted to younger women.

That natural attraction of people in different power situation doesn't surprise attorney Matheison, but it does trouble him.
He's seen many examples of bosses dating employees, and when the romance sours, the subordinate person loses his or her job, usually hers.
Maybe it was downsizing, or maybe it was something else, and maybe that person seeks the advice of a lawyer.

And the person says, "You know, I haven't told anybody about it, but I actually did have a relationship with one of the senior managers, or the boss."
You, all of a sudden, have a classic sexual harassment case being formed.

Even if there's no sexual harassment?  

Well, was there? It's a very hard line to draw.

So where does this leave everybody whose mates may be just one desk away?

Well, human nature isn't apt to change overnight.
People are attracted to people in the workplace, and certain percentage of them are gonna act on those attractions.
I don't think that can be stopped.

But legal advice on this issue certainly has changed.

My advice, given the state of laws that we currently work with, is that, if you're looking for romance, look in the library, rather than the workplace.