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TransKorea    [Video] Strike It Rich 부자되기 (3/4)

■ Before You Listen & Watch

              이 사람들이 단번에 이런 벼락 부자가
      되었을까요? 그렇지 않습니다. 이번 segment,에서는
      주인공들이 어떤 과거와 실패를 거쳐 오늘에 이르게
      되었는지 보도록 하겠습니다.


Strike It Rich (3/4)

I don't think we ever could have envisioned going as far as we did.  

No way. Not in our wildest dreams.

Consider where these folks came from.  
This was the spot you called home for a while.  

Yeah, this is it.  
We lived here in this trailer, Bill lived over there in the white house.  
Me and Tom, you know, we were always talking, you know, how we could make a million dollars.

Fat chance, all four worked at the post office.  
What was so bad about the post office?  

It's a lot of dull, repetitive motion.  
And I just hated my job so much I said, "You know, there's gotta be a better way to make a living."

The key, they decided, invent something that the world just can't live without.  

This was our very first product.  

The Rain Sleeve.
Perfect for mail carriers who constantly stick their arms out the car window.  

How many postal people were there who would buy the Rain Sleeve?


Not enough.

Not enough.

Next try, Lawn and Garden Chaps.  

That looks like two Rain Sleeves.  

When you're weeding, it gets all over your shoes, socks.
Once you're done, you can take them right off and you go in, and you're really, pretty clean.  
We thought that everybody was going to be ordering like crazy, and we would sell millions of them.  

Not exactly.  


Two orders.

But on Halloween night, 1987,

Me and Tom were out on the front porch giving out candy.
It kind of hit me, Bill saying, "Tom, If we can make candy that glows in the dark...  "

So, they said, "Let's go in the kitchen and see what we can do."