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TransKorea    [Video] Strike It Rich 부자되기 (4/4)

    ■ Before You Listen & Watch
             부자가 된 두쌍의 부부 이야기의 마지막
             We learn that they were able to become wealthy
         with constant, hard work and overcoming several

Strike It Rich (4/4)

What they did was create the Laser Pop.
A miniature flash light with candy on top.  
History in my hand.

But it took four years before BAAT finally got a candy maker to even look at the laser pop.

And what was the response?  

It was fantastic,   It was good.  

After that the hits just kept on coming.

It's an Oozie Pop.   A Monster Mouth.  
Rubber Chickens? Slightly bent.
You do realize that.

But the piece de resistance, The Spin Pop.  

If we never invented anything else, this little guy right here would give us comfortable living.

It took more than 10 years before all four inventors finally walked out of the post office for good.
That's hardly surprising.
Only a tiny fraction of the inventions that get patented ever even get to market, much less make their inventors rich.

Then you have the valley. And the pool. And the pool house.

I think if you work for it, you appreciate it more.

Are we talking millionaires here?  

As a company, we've made some money.  
As individuals, we've made some money.  

Why so shy about it?  

I don't know. I don't feel like I've changed to anything.

Though both couples are doing very well,

But do you ever look around and say 'You know, this is from Spin Pops?'

I do that a lot when I'm floating around the pool,  

No one takes anything for granted.

Do you feel there's a constant pressure for the next idea?  

You do want to keep coming up with something new, something fresh.

Different companies have come up (and say) 'I want to see the next Spin Pop. Have you... When is the next Spin Pop?'  
And I say, 'so do I'.   That's what we tell them.