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TransKorea    [Video] Spy Cam 몰래카메라 (2/3)

■ Before You Listen & Watch

             주인공이 어디에 어떤 방법으로 카메라를
       설치해서 부인이 마약을 복용한 사실을 증거로 남길
       수 있었는지 알아봅니다.

Spying on you Own Family (2/3)

What made you think that your wife used methamphetamine?

Well, there was a lot of suspicious activity that was going on.
She would be gone at 3:00 in the morning.
I found a razor blade on my son's changing table.
People coming around that I didn't know, and off-ball excuses for why they were there.  

So Mergler bought a tiny camera and planted it in a wall safe in their home.

Well, this is the safe where I hid my first camera.
And I drilled a hole under the hinge right here.
And I can open the safe up and show you where I installed it inside.
Basically, I put it behind here and this is how I obtained the evidence that I got on video.

Sure enough, Mergler's wife was secretly snorting methamphetamine nearly every day, often in the presence of their toddler.

It was shocking.
It just confirmed what I had to do.
I was determined to make sure that my son would be safe.
And that was the beginning of the end.

Mergler's discovery triggered a series of ugly domestic battles, including a custody fight he eventually won, thanks in part to what was revealed on these videotapes.
Mergler's wife was later convicted of drug charges and served two years behind bars.