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Welcome back.
Among retailers who are beginning to hawk their wares off line, it's all in an effort to get you back on your computer to shop this holiday season.
Jan Rogers joins us now live from Los Angeles to explain this one. Hi, Jan.

Hi, there, Linda.
Well, you might remember all those flashy TV ads of holiday seasons past from the e-tailing giants.
Well, this season, snuggled between the Sears catalogue and the other ones here, you might be finding the eBay circular coming to a newspaper near you this weekend.

Now this is eBay's first foray into the free-standing inserts, as they call them in the business.
It's going to be hitting 23 million pages and 44 markets across the country.

Now, eBay's saying they want to be in the same consideration for holiday shopping as every other retailer.
Basically, holiday shopping is a big business and eBay wants a slice of that.
Obviously, they are well-known for their auctions, but a lot of people (are) not sure if this is the right place to go for a gift.
But eBay thinks it is.
They want to help people hold their hands a little bit, educate them.

These aren't really the early adopters they're going after.
Those people are already on eBay.
These are more people that haven't used the service so far.

Now, Yahoo, this past weekend, had an insert in U.S.A. Weekend.
It was also sort of an education insert, really telling people more how to use their site and what to look for.
Again, education, helping people holding their hands a little bit here as they make the jump on to the online.
That is why these companies are moving offline, trying to bring more customers.

Analysts I talked to on the Street seem to think it's a pretty good idea definitely worth a shot.
And of course, this is traditionally a much cheaper way to acquire customers than broadcast network advertising. Linda.

It makes me think to years ago when people said 'Ah, when the World Wide Web sinks in, there'll be no paper, everything will be electronic'.
Yet, some of this mean that people still like to hold it in their hands and flip the pages themselves.

Exactly. That is very true.
And they say people are really well-trained and really enjoy, actually, getting the big chunk in the Sunday paper and sitting and sifting through.
It kind of excites them to go and doing stuff.
So, yeah, the whole thing about not having paper, (it) turns out people actually really enjoy it.

Jen Rogers live from Los Angeles with that. Thank you very much.